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Family Will Services at Marshall Wills and Trusts

The Importance of Having a Will

Many understand the critical nature of drafting a will, yet a mere one-third take steps to arrange even basic provisions for their family’s future. At Marshall Wills and Trusts, we emphasize the significant protection a well-crafted will provides not only for asset distribution but also for shielding your loved ones from potential emotional and financial strains following unforeseen events.

Consequences of Not Having a Will

Without a will, the implications can be extensive and distressing:

  • Your spouse, civil partner, and children might receive less than you intend, disrupting your plans for their security.

  • Individuals you wish to benefit from your estate might ultimately receive nothing.

  • The inheritance left to your family could face significant taxation, which proper planning could reduce or even avoid.

  • The administration of your estate could be delayed, extending your family’s period of mourning and uncertainty.

  • In the absence of a will, the courts typically appoint the closest kin as executor, regardless of their suitability for this complex and sensitive task.

The UK’s Intestacy Rules provide for spouses, civil partners, and biological children but do not cover relationships such as those with unmarried partners, stepchildren, friends, or even favoured charities. Consequently, your assets may not reach the hands you choose.

Our Commitment

With years of expertise in will drafting, Marshall Wills and Trusts ensures that your intentions are honoured, protecting those you hold dear from future difficulties. We craft each will with a personalised approach, considering all changes in your life circumstances, so your wishes are clear and enforceable.

"Establishing a will with Marshall Wills and Trusts means securing your legacy and offering your loved ones certainty in times of need."