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Secure Document Storage Services at Marshall Wills and Trusts

Why Secure Storage is Essential

After the completion of your Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney, it is imperative to store these crucial documents securely. Original documents are essential; copies cannot substitute in legal processes. Lost, damaged, or destroyed documents can lead to significant legal complications. For instance, if your Will is damaged or altered, it could be interpreted as an attempt to revoke it, leading the Probate Registry to potentially dismiss it. Without the original documents, your estate might be processed as if no Will existed, defaulting to the rules of intestacy.

Our Secure Storage Solution

For an affordable annual fee, Marshall Wills and Trusts offers professional document storage that guarantees safety and accessibility:

  • Waterproof and Tamper-Evident Storage: Your documents are protected in waterproof, tamper-evident wallets to prevent any damage or unauthorized access.

  • Full Insurance Coverage: All stored documents are fully insured, safeguarding against any potential loss.

  • Accessible Retrieval: Documents can be retrieved at any time without charge, delivered via Royal Mail Special Delivery to ensure secure and prompt access.

  • Specialist Archival: Your documents are kept in a specialised document archive designed for long-term preservation.

  • Seamless Executor Access: When needed, documents are promptly returned to your executors to facilitate smooth estate management.

Get Started with Secure Storage

To ensure your documents are preserved with the highest standards of security and care, contact Marshall Wills and Trusts today. Arrange a Clarity Call to discuss your specific needs and to make an informed decision about your estate planning.

"Protect your legacy with our dedicated document storage solutions at Marshall Wills and Trusts. Reach out today to secure your peace of mind."