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Trust Planning at Marshall Wills and Trusts

Securing Your Legacy with Trusts

Originating during the Crusades, the concept of a trust has evolved into a globally recognised legal instrument designed to safeguard assets. Trusts offer a structured way to manage your estate, providing clear directives on the distribution to your beneficiaries, under conditions you specify, to bolster their long-term security.

Limitations of Absolute Gifts in Wills

Leaving unconditional gifts through your will can inadvertently expose your assets to risks:

  • An estranged spouse of a child might unexpectedly benefit from your estate.

  • Should your surviving spouse require care, your estate could be consumed by care costs.

  • Once your estate has settled any inheritance tax dues, any remaining inheritance could be taxed again upon the death of your beneficiaries.

Advantages of Using Trusts

Implementing trusts allows you to:

  • Shield your children’s inheritance from the financial repercussions of a divorce.

  • Minimize the likelihood of your estate being depleted by care fees imposed on your surviving spouse.

  • Control the timing of inheritances to ensure that younger family members receive their share when they are mature enough to manage it wisely.

Our Expertise

At Marshall Wills and Trusts, we specialise in the strategic use of trusts to ensure that your legacy is protected and passed on according to your wishes. Our approach is tailored to provide peace of mind, knowing that your estate is secure and your loved ones are cared for as you intend.

"With trust planning from Marshall Wills and Trusts, you take proactive steps today to safeguard the financial wellbeing of your family for tomorrow."