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Is your situation more complicated than other people?

Someone who you know is responsible, and the kids like visiting. Do they live nearby or at the other end of the country? Moving house and school may be a burden at a very traumatic time. Can they afford to bring up your children? If not, do you have sufficient life insurance written into a suitable trust to provide the right funds to the required people at the right time? Perhaps your child is a dependant adult with disabilities. Have you factored this into your arrangements?

Who would you appoint to make sure that your wishes are carried out?

More than one person, perhaps a professional?
Maybe a trusted friend or relative/s. Are they up to it? Do they know what it entails and are they young enough to be likely to survive you?

Is the value of your property going to help pay for your care home costs?

If you are married and own your property jointly, have you taken the precaution of changing the way that you and your spouse own your home? If your will doesn’t factor this in correctly with an appropriate trust, and you haven’t changed the ownership from joint tenants to tenants-in-common, don’t be shocked when the value of the home is used to pay for any care home fees that may become due in the future.

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